Trendy Women’s Tops for 2019

Our clothes represent who we are and when it comes to trendy tops for 2019, it's all about those shoulders!

As soon as we set foot onto the street it is what we are wearing that introduces us to passersby and tells people a little about our personality, likes, dislikes and the list goes on!

That means that when it comes to choosing clothes for our wardrobe, we want to get it right!

If there is one thing that we ladies love (after shoes, that is!) it has to be tops. How many tops are in your wardrobe?

You have no idea, there are so many, right? Don't worry, we understand completely!

However, as time goes by, styles change and those tops that may be lurking in your wardrobe may need a few more modern additions to keep your wardrobe looking stylish and trendy.

So what tops are making fashion statements these days?

Actually, 2019 is a great year for tops, so allow us to introduce you to a few styles that we are currently loving.

The Cold Shoulder Choice

If you don't already own a few gorgeous cold shoulder tops then you clearly have not been hit by the latest fashion trend; it's time you caught up!

This season we love the loose and airy cold shoulder numbers that can be dressed up or dressed down.

Boasting a hint of boho, coupled with a good helping of eye-catching appeal, cold shoulder tops are all about showing off those stunning shoulders of yours in a rather understated way.

The Off The Shoulder Choice

Yes, we know, this season is all about shoulders! Off the shoulder tops are a real hit at the moment and with plenty of good reasons.

Flattering for many different shapes and sizes this is a top choice that will have you feeling feminine and elegant from the moment you slip into it.

We love both the fitted off the shoulder tops that are taking the world by storm, as well as those loose and rather floaty numbers.

In fact, we know that every girl should have a little black dress in her wardrobe but in our opinion, she should also have a little black off the shoulder top (granted 'LBO3fTST' doesn't have the same ring to it as 'LBD'!)

We recommend that you try out different styles of off the shoulder tops to find the one that suits you and your personality.

From the hippy floral prints to the elegant silk and sequin numbers, you are sure to fall in love with a few of these modern and stylish tops.

Make Your Shoulders Sensational

Style and fashion are a delightful part of life and a girl can really never have too many tops in her wardrobe, right?

So it's time to make those shoulders of yours sensational by investing in a few modern and attractive off the shoulder numbers.

From the stunning cold shoulder style to the versatile off the shoulder fashion we are sure you will fall head over heels in love with the latest trends for 2019!

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