Care for Tassel Earrings

There is no doubt that Tassel Earrings are the latest fashion accessory most women are wearing you only have to turn on the tv and see our favourite australian drama series stars wearing exactly that shhh no names. 

Each pair looks in perfect pristine condition each strand of cotton hanging just so and each piece of metal shining like the stars. How do they do it ? 

Well no doubt they have a tonne of assistance from every adoring stage hands and dressers so how can we keep ours looking in as great shape . We wondered the same so at Brecha we did a few tests to see what works best . 

The best way to protect the strands of Tassel Earrings is to hold all the strands in a plastic coating and this is how we ship our Flicker Earrings but they just can't stay that way or you just couldn't wear them right . So we have found the best way to store and protect tassel earrings tissue paper yes you heard correctly . So we now provide tissue paper with every tassel earrings purchase so you can wrap these unique items after each wear or alternatively store these ladies earrings on earring stands to protect and preserve