Wrap dresses are here to stay

Wrap Dresses

The wrap dress seems to have cemented a place in our current fashion landscape. A host of brands offer it as a staple in the summer range.

This elegant dress can be carried all through summer and into the autumn season with just a few simple additions, all you need is a bit of 2019 know-how.

The elegant wrap dress is easy to wear and looks flattering on absolutely everyone, making it one of the most inclusive buys out there. 

Why stop wearing lightweight dresses just because it's autumn. Instead why not pair them with textures like velvet or leather to give them a lease of life.

Floral Wrap Dress

Make a casual look by wearing with a casual white tee another item that should be present in every wardrobe. More wear and more comfort preventing the chill breaking through now that's a plus 


A classic wrap dress paired with a leather jacket and a pair of boots now that's a statement 


However you wear it a wrap dress looks set to stay on the horizon for quite some time.



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