Forgive Touch doTerra 10 ml Roll On

Forgive Touch doTerra 10ml

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dōTERRA Touch® Forgive contains the tree and herb essential oils found in our proprietary Forgive essential oil blend along with Fractionated Coconut Oil for gentle application and ease of use.

Discover the liberating action of forgiving, forgetting and moving on. The herbaceous, fresh and woody aroma helps promote feelings of contentment and relief, creating a path to let go of burdens and guilt.


• Rub dōTERRA Touch® Forgive over your heart while choosing to forgive yourself and others.
• Rub dōTERRA Touch® Forgive into your temples while choosing to forgive and let go.
• Have dōTERRA Touch® Forgive on hands throughout the day for negative emotions that may arise from undesirable situations.

Primary Benefits

 • Helps promote feelings of contentment, relief and patience

• A soothing and calming aroma

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